Yes, I have defeated Ulcerative Colitis

If you don’t know about Ulcerative Colitis or IBD ( Inflammatory bowel diseases), you can go and read about this here.

Here is a link to the Video for the Exercise (Yoga) that you need to do.

For me РI was able to defeat this disease and now completely out of medication from last 11 months (UC Medicines) and my wife and family played a crucial role in the battle.

“People may say it’s remission, but I get the symptoms a little, and my doctor says it’s not remission and I have also stopped Calcium supplements from last 11 Months” :)

So I thought of sharing my experience with you guys. Happy Reading. Hope I would be able to help. :)

[Now I am not saying that this will work for you or you should also follow it. This is what have worked for me. You need to figure out a way for yourself and please be in constant consultation of a Good Doctor.]

These diseases are one of the most difficult ones to have, as they will keep reminding you about their existence time and time (in every half and hour). Let me try to explain how I got this, what were the symptoms, what problems I faced, how I dealt with it and how I defeated it. :)

My Story of UC (Ulcerative Colitis)

How I got it?

The cause and the reason of UC is still unknown, some says it’s because of the modern lifestyle, some says it’s hereditary, some suggests it originates with stress and a particular food habit. While we still can only guess the cause of it, for me – we don’t have this to any of the family member (nor do we have a history of IBD in our family).

As per my discussion with various doctors and consultants, who in turn had a discussion with my parents, I had frequent signs of lose motions from my childhood only. While Milk was my favorite drink from childhood only, it is also one of the agent which deteriorate UC conditions. Now I can’t say that I have got this disease due to my food habit, lifestyle or stress, but for sure this has came into light in recent years only (6 years). As per my conversations and research, I had this from childhood, just that it never came into picture.

So we can safely assume that this will not happen due to your habit or lifestyle or diet, but yeah those are governing factors.

Symptoms And Problems

It’s symptoms are very bad. You need to visit washroom many a times (may be thrice in an hour, through out the day), dependent on the severity of the disease. Now because of this you will lose weight, won’t be able to eat properly, won’t be able to be away from washroom for a longer time, won’t be able to perform heavy physical or mentally tough tasks. Your mood will also be on a bitter side, you won’t like talking to anyone, you might just withdraw from life and people. Most important thing – you will have continuous cramps in stomach, mostly when you eat something. That will keep reminding you that you got UC. Eventually blood will start coming out, when you visit washroom. But don’t worry if you have UC, everything is manageable – just keep on reading. :)

Dealing with it

It becomes very difficult to maintain your regular routine, be it meeting with your friends, family members, office colleagues. Going to office regularly and completing the work on time, attending meetings, family functions, taking vacations.

In one sentence – life becomes difficult to live. As you can’t carry on regular way of life, and people start thinking, you are not giving them enough time. Your boss and HR will think you are absconding, your family will miss the real you. You will decline all the offers for parties and outing as you can’t be away from washroom for too long. Even when away you feel the pain and urge to go continuously.

Understand this UC

Now the most important thing you need to understand – is the nature of this disease, how it aggravates and how to take care of yourself and your life during this phase. You need to figure out the pattern, food habits, lifestyle and what suits you and what not. You need to understand the way it works, what is making this happen and how you can manage it.

How I defeated it – My Story

Now let me tell you my real life story, what happened to me and where am I today, which might help others deal with it. So here we go –

So, as I already told you, I had this tendency of getting frequent lose motions since my childhood. I can safely assume that it was there with me since my birth. Now I left my hometown (Ratlam, MP), after 10’th standard, to study for IIT JEE and AIEEE in Kota, Rajasthan. That is when it all started to come up.

2004 – Those aware of Kota Coaching classes and the life there, we take baked samosa (pattis), cream roll, poha, kachori, jalebi as our snacks, that too oat odd timings (sometimes 4 AM in the morning), and sleep. Also our lunch and dinner is prepared by Mess or tiffin wala, which don’t actually maintain that good quality which can match ghar ka khana. Also the content of Maida in Flour is considerable (so that students don’t eat much), which also gets accumulated in the stomach and doesn’t get digested easily. Also I was a fan of tea, so which helped increasing the acidity level. And the most important thing, the time table or routine that we follow there – exactly opposite to nature, makes your body confused. Then there is mental pressure on you to perform and secure good college and earn money and all.

2007 – 3 Years in Kota, then I went to Gandhinagar, Guajart for my college studies. There also we had canteen, where we used to get Maida mix chappatis in canteen and also we can order tandoori maida/aata roti from various counters. Most important meal of the day is breakfast, which we used to miss because of habit of getting up late in the morning and rushing for classes. Now the continuous intake of junk food, tea, bad routine, study pressure and some personal issues took a toll on my health in 3’rd year end (2010). At that time I was not even able to eat a single chappati and it took me very long time to get fresh. I had continuous acidity and gas problem and was running on juices. Then we went to Vadora, had my endoscopy done and doctors told me – there is no issue and you just need to take Isabhghol ¬†with hot water or milk. Well that helped then and I was able to eat properly, but I had to spend a lot time to get fresh and gas problem was still there. From then I had to go fresh before having any meal and my stomach always felt heavy.

2015 – Now I have moved to Mumbai to work in an IT consultancy firm. But I always used to feel that my stomach is heavy, even without eating anything. But in the year 2015, when I had to face couple of changes in my life, some related to professional life – I don’t used to like my work and the project at that time, as I wanted to work on some other technology. My personal life was also not going very good, also my family was forcing me too get married. All of my close friends in my company either left or went to onsite at the same time and I was left all alone. So all in all I was not happy with my work, I had no close friends, I started to worry about my financial status. Thing started piling up. I was losing hope, as lose motion started, which made me lose 15 kgs of weight in just 3 weeks, I was not able to eat anything. Blood started coming out. I had to stop milk, tea and all the milk products (cheese, butter etc). I can’t eat raw fruits and vegetables or junk food. In one line – I was not able to live the life I wanted to live. It became so severe that even after taking medicines for 2 months and getting checked for lose motions, nothing happened. I had to get hospitalized and get my endoscopy done for the second time.

That is when I came to know that I had Level 4, Chronic Phase – Ulcerative Colitis. Level 4 is the last stage you can tell. They had to admit me for 2 days, I extended it as I was liking the luxury hospital and my company was paying for the bills. I was kept on Steroids and was asked to stop milk and all the milk products (which have lactose), as I am lactose intolerant and this will make the condition worse. While I was on medication, things were fine. But then after 15 days even steroids were not working excellently and doctor was confused, why my body is not reacting properly. She told me that you have this disease with you for last 6 years (which was college, 3’rd year) and this has come up now in the bad form.

Then the tougher time started and with UC, I had a bike accident in Mumbai Pune highway. I got 2 rib fracture and had to stay and work from home for around 6 months. I was very upset that I won’t be able to drink milk and it’s product through out my life. Job, personal life, financial status, my performance, my social circle everything was affected by this. I was losing hope and decided to withdraw from my social life and stayed in my room for days.

While I was visiting the top most doctor for India, for UC and IBD. She was not able to help me (sometimes I left the medicine course in between). I was put on Steroids thrice. So nothing was working for me – and the doctor herself has clarified that cause is not know and we can only go with – hit and trial for your disease.

2016 – Now one fine day, my uncle was about to visit me in Mumbai, as his son has to join an IT firm here. So he was scheduled to arrive at 6:30 AM to my place and then we have planned to visit Sidhivinayak Temple in Mumbai. Also all this time, I never told my family and fiance (I was engaged by then) about the severity of this disease and my bike accident. But in front of my family I had to act normal, like there is no issue and I am completely fine. Generally I used to get up at 11 AM in the morning, but on that day I had to get up at 6 AM, I got ready, had a bath this early (I used to bath at 9 PM in the night). I was feeling very fresh, asked me cook to cook poha for us (being from MP, we love it with namkeen). When my uncle came I acted that I am happy and normal, I was faking a smile all the time. We had breakfast, then we left for Sidhi vinayak Temple, came back to home. Now my uncle asked me to leave for office and they will proceed for the hotel that was given by the company, so that he can make arrangements for my brother there. So in order to show him that I go to office regularly. I packed my bag and left for office, after 6 long months. There I was in office, had my breakfast, visited the temple, made arrangements for my uncle and it was just 11 AM. I mean that day – my day just started and I was all set. I felt good and also realized at the end of the day, when I came back from office (8 PM), that I didn’t go to washroom that many times and was able to keep a check on my body function, as I was ready for this situation and was able to command my mind and body.

This is when I realized the cure of Ulcerative Colitis is “Acting”, acting to be fit and make your mind and body think that you are fine, and there is nothing.

I also went to best homeopathy and Ayurveda doctors, did my through research and read about this disease. The reason why Science don’t have a medicine for this disease, because “UC is not a disease, it’s a body function” , so how can Medicine have a cure for something which is not a disease.

So the first thing we need to do it – stop calling it a disease and treat it as a normal body function like inhaling, digestion. It’s just that your body is thinking that whatever you are eating is external element (germs) and your body (small intestine) is working to get it out as soon as possible. Which is why you have to visit washroom so frequently. Cramps are a result of the Ulcers in your intestine’s wall and when it erodes blood comes out. So there is nothing to worry. In fact you got a super power that you can digest very fast.

Now what you need to do here is –

Act you don’t have anything and you are completely fine – you will be fine.

Eat small meals in every 3/4 hours [Avoid eating food items that will harm you – you can easily make a list of your own – what suits you and what not] In general you should avoid Milk and Milk products which have lactose (Cheese, ghee, Butter, Sweets) but you can take curd, butter milk, Paneer (These are actually good for u). You should also avoid eating food high in fiber, iron, which have lot of seeds. Always eat fresh and well cooked, warm food. Don’t take raw fruits, vegetables and fast food. Basically eat all which is easy to digest and don’t have lactose.

Manage your time table around your life and make your body ready for that. [You might have to go to washroom couple of times a day (I visit around 5- 7 times a day). Just make sure whenever you are going out or in a meeting, you visit washroom first. Make your mind ready that I might not get a washroom for next 4/5 hours – your body will be ready for that.]

Start doing some (mild) exercises along with Yoga. Best Yog Aasan for this is Kapal Bhati. Do some jogging, push ups which help in good blood circulation.

Here is a link to the Yog asaan which can help – Kapal Bhati

Benefits of UC

You must be wondering, how can you have benefits of UC? Well for me I was not able to eat properly for last 6 years, as I always felt my stomach heavy and used to take a lot of time in washroom. But now –

I feel my stomach very light, and able to eat and enjoy all the food items. I don’t eat food which causes me any issues or hard to digest. Also I eat a small quantity n a regular interval.

I somehow feel that I have gained courage, confidence, physical and mental strength to do things. I can now remember more things easily and have become a quick learner (which I was not).

I have become very fast and can get jobs done quickly.

Feeling of taking charge of my UC, I feel happy and able to enjoy my life to the fullest. Now I attend all the events, meet friends, go on long drives, give time for office work.

Just last words from me – Be Confident and take charge of your body and it’s function – You can defeat anything.

Please comment you views and suggestion here, I would love to hear and discuss it with you guys.

If you have something to discuss or want to ask something – do buzz me on – “”.

All the best for your future. Take Care. :)

[Also please be in doctor consultation, as situation might differ from person to person.]

Below is my diet plan – Please consult a doctor/diet expert before deciding any plan for you. [I am not recommending anything to you, so need to take a call for yourself]

Breakfast – Poha, Upma, Sevai Upma, Bread Upma, Paratha, Oats, Daliya, Chile, Idly, Medu Wada, Bread Jam, Toast, Plain Bread

Lunch – Sabji/Curry [All, Mostly Green vegetables which are easily digestible ], 3 Roti/Bread, Chaas/Dahi

Snacks – Bhel, Upma, Sada Dosa, Dahi Wada with Chai [Tea], Boiled Vegetables, Boiled Eggs

Dinner – Daliya, Daal Khichdi, Daal Chaval, Roti/Bread [3], easily digestible vegitables [pulses] with Chaas/Butter Milk, Fruit Plate, Vegetables Salad

Sleep Time – Enough Water

[Please note this diet is specific to me, everyone have to churn out their own diet plan. Somethings might create issues for you, so remove them and make a list of what all suits you.]

I don’t take milk and milk items [I am lactose intolerant]. I take tea with very less milk.

Please share your feedback, Thanks.