From Java To Salesforce

“Hello friends, Shivam here, I am a software engineer and rest is history.” πŸ˜›

Aim – This post aims to share my journey in corporate world till date.

So I graduated (B.Tech.) from DAIICT, in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in year 2011. Now what is ICT, don’t ask me, take it is CS/IT. That is what we have done. I got a campus placement in Deloitte and I Joined Deloitte on 27’th June 2011. We were given a hotel stay (Landmark Suites) not food, and let me tell you tea cost you 110 rs each cup. I skipped my lunch that day.

Let’s get technical. So when I joined Deloitte, we had this training of Software engineering course (C, OOPs, Software Development, advanced frameworks). To be honest I somehow used to think, I am at wrong place (every softie thinks that I guess πŸ˜› ), and I should be an animator or Special effect designer. So our 1 month training was finished and I was given a project in Java, a maintenance project. I used to like it in the starting but then, somehow I was not able to generate interest in Java and as a result I was not able to perform as I expected in the project. I got rolled off in 6 months.


In my free time (while I was on bench), I started working on VBA, excel marco and built an application to automate the Birthday email sending process, which helped me to learn things by myself and build a fantastic app, which helped me gain popularity and saved a lot of time for HRs and RMs.

I got the same project back, ,I somehow managed to continue with Java and passed first 3.5 years and managed to get good ratings in the first 2-3 years. Then I asked for volunteer roll off. There was a good amount of politics and back stabbing (ouch that hurts, well back stabbers, I mean humans are there everywhere, so fine πŸ˜› ). I finally got a roll off, after 9 months, with a screwed up rating.

Then I joined another project hoping to get interest in some new technology. This time I chose Adobe Flex and again Java integration with it. I thought I would like it, but the same thing – I didn’t like it, and was not able to perform. Rating was going down, along with the expectation of others and my confidence. I asked my lead and manager to shift me to testing (I was facing some personal and health related problems too). Now by testing, I don’t mean, testing is bad or not worth. Just that I thought at least I would be able to do that, rather than not performing well in development. My project manager and lead said “NO” and also didn’t fulfill their promise of getting my visa done (Visa – H1/L1 is the fruit they make us see and work hard and stay in the firm). Well even I was not performing, I can’t expect them to get my visa done and I was not even sure, whether I want to continue in development or do MBA or take “Sanyas” and become spiritual guru.

Finally after some fighting and lot of efforts, after trying my hands on Java and VBA, I heard about Salesforce and it’s increasing popularity. So I asked my Senior Manager for a shift in to Salesforce technology. He agreed (Thanks god I had couple of good contacts in the firm), and asked me to wait for 3 months, till the next batch of training starts.

So I waited, got out of Adobe Flex project and got into Performance testing for 3 months. Well I was of the thought – “I can spend/waste my first 4/6 years to find out what I like, and then live my rest of professional years in peace and work with a happy mood”. So I was ready to try all the technologies to figure out what would I like to continue the rest of my life.

Performance testing was good, I got good learning, but after some time it became repetitive and even market is not good as compared to Salesforce (SFDC). I knew, I don’t want to do this rest of my life.

Then I finally got the chance to attend the internal Salesforce cross training. Training was not very good, but I got a chance to change my technology (Though I was working on Salesforce from 2’nd year only, as an extra project in Deloitte). This was my official technology change.

If I compare SFDC with Java, I find Java harder and difficult to master, as it is very vast and is there in the market for a very long period. So we have experts in Java who are ready to work for lesser money and as a result package goes down, while the competition goes up. Basically life is full of ups and downs.

While in SFDC, it’s pretty new and there are not many good developers in the market. The main thing is, we can see something working on the application, which makes you feel good and let’s you feel, you have developed something. Also you don’t have to take care of making connection, instantiating Objects, using polymorphism Β and overloading and overriding your mind without any gain. Why do a thing, which is already there.

SFDC provide you to concentrate on your basic functionality and not waste time to creating objects (though code) and then making connection, closing them, making queries. And those irritating joins, which breaks the link of you and your life. πŸ˜› (Joins pe Joins, Joins pe Joins..fkin Joins). Well now you know I hate Joins.

Well there was this girl I used to like, but …..oh sorry back to Salesforce, these Joins makes u lose ur focus.

So Salesforce is pretty easy, if you have worked hard for Java (my case, I have worked really hard in Java). So the triggers and coding was a simple thing for me, I picked it up well and started to like it. Now I am planning to appear for certifications in SFDC.

I am still trying to learn and become an expert in SFDC, and life is going on. (I got married too, during this technology shift and this was the reason I didn’t got the promotion and a bad rating).

But as I like the Salesforce, I got an offer from BMC, Pune and have shifted to Pune now. This is my first company change. And the learning goes on…

All the best for your future, just one thing – “Figure out what you want to do the rest of your life, even if that accounts to bad ratings. You will be able to achieve great heights doing things what you actually like and enjoy it. And yeah get married to the right girl (marry a boy, if you are a girl and of straight orientation) and don’t set too much expectations in front of anyone.” :)

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Take Care of your Parents. :)

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